• FCB-MA13X SONY camera module
  • VREO UNITY board
  • VREO bespoke FCC cable
  • Tripod
  • Software Development Kit
  • OneView viewer application
  • Technical Manual
  • Assembled on rigid platform
  • USB3.0 Cable
UNITY board and MA13X camera Development Kit
Start developing your USB3.0 vision products fast with VREO's UNITY development kit. The kit is ready to use out of the box and comes fully built up with the board and camera securely mounted and the bespoke VREO FCC cable fitted. The kit also includes a tested USB3.0 cable, tripod, and up to date software on a USB stick which includes VREO's OneView program. This kit is the perfect place to start in order to build UNITY into a new or existing product or system and VREO can provide you with expert support to help you move your project forwards as quickly as possible.
The UNITY Development kit can be ordered with a SONY FCB MA130, MA132, or MA133 and comes pre mounted to a rigid black steel frame. A UNITY board is mounted inside the frame with four nuts and bolts and kept out of contact with the frame by by four plastic spacers while the chosen camera is mounted to the front of the frame either directly (MA132 and MA133), or by a front plate (MA130) The kit also comes with a tested USB cable, our own bespoke FCC cable, and a USB drive with the most up to date software (you can download updates from our downloads page).
Unique to VREO is a free SDK for use with the VREO UNITY board. The SDK includes an easy to use application programming interface API and the source code for the OneView Viewer. It has solutions for Linux and Windows Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 allowing you to record video using the H.264 encoder, and directly read and write the camera's registers. The SDK allows you to concentrate on your vision application.
The OneView Viewer Application allows you to change all the camera settings and to read and write directly to the camera registers if necessary. You can capture 13 mega pixel still images and record 1080p video using H.264 compression. If you’re not familiar with the SONY FCB MA13x range there are many features to this camera you should be aware of such as a one touch autofocus function, face detection, a wide dynamic range and image stabilisation.
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Part Number Version
02002010501 UINTY Development Kit with MA133
02002010401 UNITY Development Kit with MA132
02002010201 UNITY Development Kit with MA130